IAF launches mobile game #Indian Air Force: A cut above for Android and iOS

indian air force a cut above game
Indian air force a cut above game


"Indian Air Force launches the mobile game" know all the features of the game Indian Air Force: A cut above.

This official mobile game has launched. It can be played on Android and iPhone. 
Here will be 10 missions in this game and there will be training. 
Indian AirForce (AIF) has launched Air Combat Game. 
The name of this game is named Indian Air Force: A cut above. 
Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa launches this combat-based mobile game. 
The game's mood is to alert the youth about the Indian Air Force and to energize them to join the Air Force. 

This game is designed for mobile and has several modes in it. 

It includes training, single-player and free flight. 
Apart from this, the game interface has also been reported about the Indian Air Force. 
These mobile games will be available for Android and iOS and you can download it from here. 
There are 10 missions in the Indian Air Force: A cut above with different storylines. 
Here fighters, transport, and helicopters will be found. 
These games can be played offline. 
That is, you do not have the internet on your mobile, but you can easily play this game. 
indian air force a cut above game
Indian air force a cut above game

Indian Air Force: A cut above the game 

will also have a choice of multi-player under which you can play as different people as you connect online with people online.
 This game also features augmented reality which will further improve its experience. 
During the game training session, users will be told how to handle aircraft. 
Here we will be told about the Indian Air Force's Weapon and Tactics. 
This game is 1GB in iOS. In the Game Tutorial Mission, users will be told to control High Profile Performance Aircraft.
 Only then will the player get to run the aircraft in the game. 
Two modes will be given in multi-player games. 
There will be the first Squad vs Squad where two separate groups will be able to play. 
In the second mode, there will be free mode, in which the player wins, which is left until the end of the game, will be called. 
Users will have the option to use a long-range missile. 
However, only a single player version has been released for some time. 
The multiplayer feature can be launched by October.

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