New Mobile ransomware has been revealed which can target Android smartphones via SMS

Mobile ransomware
Mobile ransomware

  A new mobile ransomware has been revealed which can target Android smartphones. It spreads via SMS.

 Look at the text message in the Android smartphone If there are any links, think of these times before clicking. 
Because your smartphone can be targeted by supporting text messages. 
 Cyber Security firm ESET has said that this malware named Filcoder has become active from July 12, 2019. 
It is being spread through a forum like Reddit. 
According to the report, ESET is looking for posts and comments in which hackers target users are downloading malware on their smartphone via the content. 
Mobile ransomware
Mobile ransomware
 Once installed on an Android smartphone, it sends text messages to everyone through the user's contact list. 

Android / Filecoder.C takes the name of this ransomware. 

The victim sends the message to everyone by accessing the contact list with the smartphone. 
After sending the text, Filecoder.C locks the phone by encrypting the phone and thus the phone is not worth the use. 
After this, users are asked to get a ransom for access to their own phones. The transaction is done through Bitcoin
After blocking the user's access, this app claims that it will be deleted from mobile 72 hours. 
According to a report from Welivesecurity, Filecoder.C uses a fairly complex encryption method, which is difficult to crack. 
It can not be solved even by removing ransomware. 

Such ransomware can be avoided by taking some Precautions

You can save your smartphone or computer with such kind of ransomware. 
According to this security agency, the fake text comes from the name of Filecoder.C. 
If you carefully look at these texts then they seem different. Do not click on links with any such APK. 
Apart from this, it is important to first verify the link before clicking any unknown link.

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