Whatsapp 1000GB Data Scam: Avoid False Message, which Offers Thousand GB Data

Whatsapp 1000GB Data  Scam
Whatsapp 1000GB Data  Scam


Whatsapp Scam Have you got a message in which 1000GB data is being offered? 

If so, be careful. 

Did you get a message on Whatsapp that offers 1000GB data? 

If so, beware of this. 
This is a scam, which is spreading fast. Researchers of cybersecurity firm have received messages on Whatsapp. 
It says that the app is giving 1000GB internet data. 
 This data is being given to celebrate the app's 10th anniversary this year. 
This Fraud Campaign is being hosted by a domain. 
There are many more bogus offers in it. 
It can be caught in such a way that the URL in the message that is coming on this Whatsapp does not belong to the official domain of the app. 
It happens that businesses sometimes run promotions through third parties. 
It is most important that you know whether the promotion is real or feasible, check the company's website. 
If you click on that link, you will land on one page, where you will be asked a few questions as a survey. 
Like - Where did you get these offers etc. On the answer, the site will ask you to forward the offer to at least 30 people. 
After this you will get a reward, it will be said. But this will not happen, it's just a way of promotion. 
Fraud wants to click on that link after you. With this click, they get revenues. This is a way to earn money. 

Whatsapp 1000GB Data  Scam
Whatsapp 1000GB Data  Scam

Any operator who has given a campaign gets money on the clicks. 
Many other offers are also given on the domain coming in the message. 

In the year 2017, a similar scam was spread over Whatsapp

It was also claimed to get free internet access. 
Finally, users clicked and signed for their premium SMS service and had downloaded third-party apps in their smartphones. 
In 2018 Free Message of Adidas Shoes was very much spread. The purpose of all this is to reach the pocket of the users and nothing else.

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