WhatsApp tips: Boost Your Smartphone's Memory via WhatsApp

Boost Your Smartphone's Memory via WhatsApp

If your smartphone has a huge amount of storage, then WhatsApp can help you.

WhatsApp tips
WhatsApp tips

Obviously, you will use this method only if you use WhatsApp.

Many of you may know about this method, but those who do not know, they should know. 

If you use WhatsApp, then it is possible that you will be in many groups too.

You must have muted some groups Family groups, office groups, groups of friends, groups of old school friends, and office has many different groups. 

There are many people in these groups and the message is full of photos, videos, and gif. 

WhatsApp tips
WhatsApp tips

You can not afford to leave some groups and you need to be in some groups. 

In this case, you mute certain groups, but they still consume your smartphone's memory.

Generally, on Android smartphones, This happens even in the iPhone

WhatsApp tips: An important part of smartphone storage is WhatsApp chats, photos, videos. You can clear it By following the easy way. 

follow these steps to boost your smartphone memory

 1. Open WhatsApp, go to Settings.

 2. Tap on Data and Storage usage, here you will see a list.

3. A list like Photos, Audio, Videos, Documents will be available.
4. Most of the below will get Storage Usage.

5. Tap on Storage Usage Now a long list will appear here.

6. This list will show the storage consumed by contacts and group chats.

 Generally, the largest storage consumption list available at the top.

7. In this list, you can delete those chats that you do not need, which groups you do not need, you can delete them here.

8. To delete, tap that chat in the list, click on Manage, tap on it 
9. Now you can select what you want to delete.

10. Tap on Photos, Videos, GIFs, Documents - Clear Option. 

In this way, you can reduce the amount of storage on your smartphones with the help of WhatsApp

Many of you will know this feature but do not do this because of laziness and delete some of the essential things from WhatsApp to boost memory. 

If you want to delete then do the things that are not necessary.

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