WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Review

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar No Parabens & Sulphate Shampoo Review

WOW shampoo

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Like its name-WOW, this shampoo does its objective. This is the greatest shampoo I have ever used.
I've attempted a lot of shampoos and faced the damage from those shampoos because they all contain sulfate and paraben. I often shaved my head as the shampoos I used made my scalp dry and full of itchy.

Two months ago I shaved my head again and after that I never used shampoos but as the hair grows it needs nourishment so I was really looking hard for a genuine shampoo free of paraben and sulfate and at the same the time I hesitated to use it as well but I thought I'd give my hair the last try, if it didn't fit me then I'd never use any shampoo in my life.
So I came to know about this shampoo while surfing the internet and it was looking a genuine product as well with good reviews.

• I checked the first thing when I got the bottle to make sure it didn't contain sulfate and paraben, although I already understand it, I want to check myself.

• Yesterday I received it and I want to see the outcome that was used the next day.
• I used the shampoo as per the instruction is given on the bottle. Squeezed a little and put it on my hair

.• The shampoo looks like a beer shampoo on the park road.

• Unlike other shampoos, it does not lather much as it includes natural components. You may doubt whether it's going to clean or feed your hair as it lathers less, but to be honest guys it's really working so don't worry.

• Smell and shampoo smoothness are really nice and not making your scalp too dry.


I used shampoos from H&S, Clinic plus, All clear, Dove. After use, these shampoos left me with itchy. Although some of these shampoos are used by my colleagues and have never encountered such problems. But I don't believe these shampoos are my sort, so I faced the same issue until I changed it to WOW.

I was about to try out Tresemme shampoos, but I got to know about WOW Shampoos and it fits my hair so I wouldn't alter anything.

WOW Shampoo makes my hair dry after a couple of hours like the other shampoos I used and I massage with hair oil and wash with water to tackle this issue.

Hair drop is greatly decreased when using this shampoo compared to other shampoos that I used

I always have to wash my hair too many times while using other shampoos because these shampoos leave my scalp dry, itchy and full of flakes. It produces hair ruckus. But happy I never faced any of these problems in the shampoo of WOW.

It really gave fresh life to my hair.

Unlike other shampoos that leave my hair harmed, I feel it's completely gentle on my hair.

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