Numerology 1-9 Numbers & Reading

Numerology 1-9 Numbers & Reading
Numerology 1-9 Numbers & Reading

 Numerology 1-9 Numbers & Reading

Astrology has great importance in Indian culture. In Indian society, there is no marriage even without showing a horoscope. Today, we will learn about numerology or NUMEROLOGY, a part of astrology itself.

Number 1

The lord planet of Number 1 is the Sun, they are always shining like the Sun. By nature, Radhak's people are very hardworking and earn money from their efforts.

Number 2

The lord of Number 2 is the planet, Moon. People with Number 2 are very shy, straight-faced. They are very quick on someone. They are true by nature, they speak little but do their work with great dedication and hard work.

Number 3

The lord of Number 3 is the planet Vrihaspati. As we know Vrihaspati is the guru of the gods, so the people of Number 3 are very virtuous. They are experts in every field and by nature, they have leadership qualities. If they choose to work, then they die by doing it.

Number 4

The lord of Number 4 is the planet Rahu. They are much faster than these, they are not easy to explain, something else goes on in their mind and something else happens in the heart. They do all these things with their minds, selfish by nature, no one can make predictions about them.

Number 5

The lord of Number 5 is the home, Buddha. Natives of Number 5 are very hardworking, comfort is forbidden for them, they are also very good in conversation. They can get anyone to do something with their words. Number 5's are lovers of low adventure.

Number 6

The master of Number 6 is the house, Venus. Their heart is filled with love, they take care of everyone selflessly, they will do everything with a sincere heart. They are artists by nature.

Number 7

The lord of Number 7 is the home of Ketu. People with Number 7 are mysterious, less talkative, and emotional, they are not able to tell their hearts quickly to anyone. They hesitate to meet others

Number 8

The master house of Number 8 is Saturn. Those who have a Number 8 are very smart, hardworking, always sticking to their goals, they are business-minded by nature. They just have to work a little harder to get success.

Number 9

The lord of Number 9 is the house, Mars. They are very aggressive in nature, they are very dear to discipline. They themselves remain in discipline and also keep others in the discipline.

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