What is affirmation and how it works

What is affirmation and how it works

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What is affirmation and how it works
What is affirmation and how it works



There are such sentences which if repeated continuously, they affect our thinking, which has the same effect on our work and ultimately we become the same.


AFFIRMATION affects our conscious and subconscious mind, we can understand it this way

Like someone told you that you are very talented, then somewhere it will have a positive effect on your mind and you will start thinking of yourself as more talented than before and if many more people tell you the same, then those things sit in you and firmly Will go and you will start thinking of yourself as very talented. And by constantly being like this, you will really feel very talented beforehand and your talent will be reflected in every task. 

All your activities will be positively affected and you will feel much better, talented, confident than before, But on the contrary, if someone constantly tells you negative things that there is no talent in you, nothing special in me, you will not be able to do anything in life, then you will gradually become like that. .But keep in mind that someone's positive or negative things will affect you only when you give importance to those things and will let them affect you inside.

This is the strength of AFFIRMATION, a sentence that is constantly told to us, whether someone else says it to us or we say it to ourselves. If we accept those things and let them go inside and trust those things then surely we Only become, whether they are positive or negative. That is why it is said that one should always keep positive thinking.


It is worth noting here that many people speak negative things to us, demotivate us, then by not paying attention to such people we can protect ourselves from their negative AFFIRMATION if we do not pay attention to them. We will not be affected. So do not let the negative thoughts of others dominate you.

More than the talk of others, the most important thing is what do we tell ourselves in private, what are our thoughts for ourselves ?, do we say positive things to ourselves that I am talented, I am happy, I am Healthy I am successful

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Or we speak negative things, I have nothing special, my luck is bad, I have no talent, I am very upset and tense, etc…. Whatever we say to ourselves, we slowly become the same. Go to

Now you will think how this can happen, is it possible that what we say or think about ourselves, and if that happens then what is the need to do some work, just keep thinking and it will be good, but such Are not

How does it work      

Actually, there are two parts of our brain - one conscious mind and the other subconscious mind.
The conscious mind is 10% of our brain whereas subconscious mind is 90%, our conscious mind knows the difference between right and wrong but the subconscious mind does not know any difference between right and wrong, whatever you let in it will be true. Will start accepting Just like you constantly say that I am lazy, you will gradually become lazy, or if you constantly say for several days I am very energetic and active, then after a few days you will start to become like that, only by the power of our subconscious mind Even habit is formed whether it is good or bad.
But just by speaking, nothing will happen. It is also necessary to feel it, it is necessary to keep oneself in that position,

Just like you think I am very rich, so you feel it wholeheartedly like you are rich right now, talking like the rich are going on, helping the poor and needy, you have opened many schools and hospitals for the needy. Keep it, millions of people are standing by to listen to you, etc .....

According to Zig Ziglar ---- "If you want to reach a goal, before reaching the goal, in reality, you have to see yourself reaching there."


In this way, in your subconscious mind, it will slowly sit that you are rich and he will accept this truth, now he will make every effort to become like you from inside, in any work you think that 'I can not 'Will end and the desire and confidence in you to do any work will increase greatly and as you continuously Confidence will increase considerably and as you keep doing affirmation continuously, your confidence increases on yourself and your work keeps improving. 

Often some people, while starting any addiction such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc., say that I can quit it whenever I want and when they slowly consume it daily, the subconscious mind accepts it and asks them It starts happening and they get addicted to it.

Our subconscious mind is very powerful, it accepts what it hears again and again, like many times someone has told you, 'You are very smart or very intelligent, then you feel happy inside and some of it For days, you start to think of yourself as smart or intelligent, or sometimes in childhood, something positive was said by a teacher, which would have engulfed your mind in studies or something that was said by a teacher. 

An affirmation can be used both positively and negatively, with the help of this, the most successful people have reached success and with this help, terrorist organizations today brainwash people. They are shown the same type of videos, audio is heard, pictures are shown so that their subconscious mind slowly accepts it as true and then they You can get

The conclusion

 Affirmation is very powerful, of course, you would like to use it positively.

In fact, in an affirmation, we have to say any sentence in the present. Like I am a successful entrepreneur,

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