What is conscious and subconscious mind and how does it work?

What is conscious and subconscious mind and how does it work (1)
What is conscious and subconscious mind and how does it work


What is conscious and subconscious mind and how does it work?

Our mind is divided into two parts, Conscious Mind, and Subconscious Mind, so let us know The Power of Conscious Subconscious Mind.

The mind is the most powerful part of our body, our mind is more powerful than the power of our body, whether it is a businessman, a politician or any other successful person, good person or bad person.


Psychologists believe that our mind is divided into two parts

1 Conscious Mind
2 Subconscious Mind
The conscious mind is only 10% of the entire mind. In which

-Will power
-Logical power
-Critical Thinking

The subconscious mind is only 90% of the entire brain. In which -

-Strong memory
-Intuition, etc.

Conscious Mind
The conscious mind is Active Mind, whatever is told or told to us, then whatever reaction we have is due to our Conscious Mind. 

When you do some work for the first time, do that work with full care, like if you know how to drive a car, then when you are learning driving for the first time, you are quite scared.

When to change gear, when to cliche and when to break. Our entire focus is on the movement of driving the car. That is, what we are seeing, the feeling is all examples of the conscious mind.

Subconscious Mind
To understand the subconscious mind, we pursue the example of driving a car. When we have learned to drive a car well, every movement is not noticed while driving the car. When we have to break, we put a break, do not notice that thing, it all becomes automatic in away.

While walking the car, we talk on the phone, talk to the next person, break along, change gears. All this happens automatically by us because it becomes our Habit and Habit is due to our Subconscious Mind. Like the habit of eating food, if we eat anything in the dark then it will go in our mouth and not in our nose.

When the subconscious mind accepts something, such as the subconscious mind admits that you have learned to drive a car, you drive a car without fear. 
When our subconscious mind accepts something, it molds it into reality, that is the power of the subconscious mind, whether that thing is good for us or bad does not matter.


The conscious mind - relationship in the subconscious mind (The Relation Between Conscious Subconscious Mind)

It depends on us which thing we should accept or reject for the conscious mind. That's why accept good things. Whatever people want, accept only those things that make you happy, give happiness to others, which are good for your family, society, and country. Do not pay attention to evils, always keep smiling, then only you will live your life.

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