Revolt bike price in India,Revolt RV 400 and Revolt RV 300 electric bike launch, buy for Rs 2999* & 3999*

Revolt bike price in India

Revolt bike price in India

Revolt bike price in India


Revolt RV 400 and Revolt RV 300 electric bike launch, buy for Rs 2999 & 3999

Revolt IntelliCorp has officially launched electric bikes RV400 and RV300 on Wednesday. The company claims that it is the country's first fully-electric motorcycle equipped with AI technology. Its booking started in July itself, which was being booked for one thousand rupees. 

The company has introduced subscription service with it. In Revolt's MaaS (Motorcycle SA Service) model, the bike can be run for Rs 2999 per month. Its booking is starting again from August 29, it gets Rs 1000. Can be booked by giving.

The Revolt RV 400 bike looks like a normal, petrol-powered naked street commuter motorcycle. The Revolt RV 300 has been launched in the segment below the RV 400.

Revolt launched 2 electric bikes Revolt RV 400 and Revolt RV 300 in the Indian market today (28 August). The company has launched these bikes with a unique payment plan. 2,999 have to be paid for RV 300. At the same time, for the initial model of RV 400, you have to pay 3,499 every month and for the top model, Rs 3,999. 

You will have to pay this money for 37 months. The company has said that there will be no down payment for this and it is not a rental or lease plan, but the customer will be fully the owner of these bikes from day one.

Talking about the difference between the two models of the Revolt RV 400, the low-cost variant will not feature the artificial exhaust sound system and start-stop function via the app.

Revolt rv300
The RV300 electric bike is a smaller model. It has a 1.5 kW motor and 2.7 kW battery. Its top speed is 65 kilometers. On a full charge, the Revolt RV 300 electric bike will run for 80 to 150 kilometers.

Revolt rv400
The Revolt RV400 electric bike has a 3kW motor and 3.24kW lithium-ion battery. Once fully charged, it will run for 156 kilometers. Its top speed is 85 kilometers per hour. It can be charged at the regular 15-ampere plug point along with the charging cable found with the bike. This means that you can charge the bike at home.

Smart electric bike
These electric bikes from Revolt are smart motorcycles. Both bikes feature the Revolt mobile app. With this app, you can track your bike. Trip history can be checked. You can also start the motor as well. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, this bike tracks your riding pattern and tells about rear-time range, riding style and even the problem encountered in the bike.

When and where to find it
Delivery of the Revolt RV 400 will start in Delhi from September. The company will launch it in Pune next month. After this, this electric bike will be launched in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and Chennai in the next 4 months.

Revolt's electric bikes have a warranty of 8 years or 1.5 lakh kilometers on their batteries. Apart from this, the company is giving the benefit of free maintenance for 3 years or 30 thousand kilometers. There will be warranty and free insurance up to 5 years or 75 thousand kilometers on the bikes.

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