#1 Magical Homemade Powders to Help you Lose Weight

#1 Homemade Weight Loss Powder

Homemade Weight Loss Powder
Homemade Weight Loss 
A surefire way to get rid of obesity and many diseases...!

Fenugreek seeds - 250 grams,

Ajwain - 100 grams,

Kali Jeeri - 50 grams.

 Homemade Weight Loss Powder Benefits

Clean the above three things and roast them lightly, 

then mix all three and make it powdered in a mixer and fill it in a glass vial. 

At bedtime, take 1/2 teaspoon of powdered daily with a glass of lukewarm water, 

after which nothing is to be eaten. 

People of all ages can take it.

The benefit will be fully achieved in 80-90 days,  

With the help of this Homemade Weight Loss Powder

Advantage of this Homemade Weight loss Powder

By taking this powder regularly, all the dirt (garbage) that is deposited in the corners of 

the body comes out through feces and urine,

Too much fat is lost,

Skin wrinkles disappear on  their own,

And the body becomes stunning and agile.

Homemade Ayurvedic Powder For Weight Loss 

Other benefits of this Weight Loss Powder ----------

1. Stubborn disease like arthritis disappears.

2. Increases the body's immune power.

3. Get rid of chronic constipation forever.
4. Blood circulation starts properly in the body, the blood vessels of the body are purified, cleansing and purity increase in the blood.

5. Increases the efficiency of the heart reduces cholesterol so that there is no risk of a heart attack.

6. Bones are strong, power to work, the memory will also increase is Not tired.

7. Eyes grow faster, deafness ends, the hair also develops, and teeth become stronger.

8. Get rid of the side-effects of allopathic medicines consumed in the past.

9. Food is digested in large quantities or even after overeating (it does not mean that you eat more deliberately).

10. The body of women does not get upset after marriage, it stays in shape, the problems that occur after marriage is removed.

11. Skin color is improved; skin becomes dry, wrinkles, etc. The body remains free from skin diseases.

12. The body remains free from diseases caused by water, air, sunlight, and temperature.

13. Diabetes is under control, you can continue using it.

14. Freedom from phlegm, impotence goes away, a person's fast grows from this, old age does not come quickly. Age increases.

15. Any person, of any age, can consume this powder, take care of the quantity.

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