Coronavirus in India Live Updates : Coronavirus Mask N95

Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus in India

Only N95 Mask and N99 Mask can save you from the threat of Coronavirus in India, know why If you want to avoid Coronavirus, then definitely use these masks, these masks will protect you from Virus! 

The risk of Coronavirus in India is increasing every day worldwide. Around 25 countries have come under the grip of this virus, which started in China. Which includes India. 

Coronavirus in Kerala Here 3 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the state of Kerala and the government has declared a state emergency. 

At the same time, 425 people have died in China, this figure is increasing every day. As of Monday, 20,400 cases of the virus have been confirmed in China. 

The World Health Organization has declared a global emergency in view of the threat of the virus. Most countries have closed their border with China. 

At the same time, India has made complete arrangements for screening people at all airports. Indians have also been brought back from China. 

But now the question arises on how to avoid this virus. The advice of doctors, in this case, is that only N95 and N99 masks are effective against the Coronavirus. 

Common masks cannot protect people from this Coronavirus. But the problem is that due to the increasing global demand for masks, they have reduced considerably in India. 

Talking about the capital Delhi

These N95 masks are not available at many medical stores here. Where the meeting, the price is 10 times higher. Which ordinary people are unable to buy.

Surprisingly, masks are not being found at the stores around Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Where suspected cases of coronavirus are coming and 6 people have been kept under surveillance. 

So let's know about these two masks- How is the N95 mask beneficial? This is a mask that filters up to 95 percent of the pollution. 

This mask consists of three layers that filter out dust particles. The first filter prevents dust particles. The second filter prevents dust particles and microbes. 

There is a third military-grade carbon filter. This masker protects you from viruses and bacteria. How is the N99 mask beneficial? The N99 mask is also considered superior to the N95 mask. This mask filters pollution up to 99–99.97 percent. 

But these masks do not filter out oil-based dust particles. Doctors also recommend the N99 mask to avoid coronavirus. But it costs around two to three thousand rupees.

Both these types of masks are currently lacking in the market, so they are being sold at many times higher prices. Both these masks should also be well bonded. 

Mouth and nose should be well covered.  

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has said in a notification that exports of all varieties of personal protective equipment, including clothing and masks which can be protected from airborne particles, are being stopped from export until further orders. Including N95 masks.

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